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Help and Navigation

There is an enormous number of earmarks being requested this year.  AAF and CRA teams have done their best to get the data entered online, but there are still some Members earmarks we need to enter in the database.  For context, each Member can request ten earmarks, over 300 Members requested earmarks and each one has to be entered by hand. If you do not see earmarks in your community, hopefully it is because your Congressman is not requesting earmarks but it could be because we have not entered it yet.  To check if it is the later, email us at and we'll let you know.  

To navigate the map each pig icon (and a couple special icons) corresponds to a project requested by a Member of Congress.  Depending on your zoom level, multiple  pigs may be represented by one overlapping pig before you zoom in.  Zooming in will reveal the separate pig icons and the individual project names. 


Most projects have street addresses associated with them, so you should be able to zoom into the location of the project and see where it is located in your community. 


Each pig icon will also have a cost and an explanation of the project from the explanation that the Member of Congress posted on their website.  There will be a link to the citation if you want to see exactly what the Member posted. 


Finally if you know something the public needs to know about the project, please click on the tip link at the bottom of the box to share more information about the project with us. The links at the bottom of the individual projects generate an email that flags the specific project in the subject of the email to us.  We will be writing greater narrative reports about the projects in our "The New Porker" publication highlighting wasteful and corrupt projects.  

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