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Stop Earmarks From Coming Back.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

At its most basic level, the fight to keep America First--not earmarks first--begins with this issue. Unfortunately, many Republicans want to go along with earmarks, even though Congress has banned them for over a decade.

We all know how this plays out: Democrats use this process to make deals with moderate Republicans to pass bad legislation, putting conservatives at a perpetual deficit in policy fights.

And we haven't even gotten into the corrupting process of this horse-trading to begin with. Cue the Bridge to Nowhere, turtle tunnels, and the TeaPot Museum. Money is being doled out for political benefit, votes are being bought, and the American people are being hurt.

Thankfully, members of the House Freedom Caucus--led by Rep. Chip Roy--have drawn a line in the sand to prevent Republicans from using earmarks.

House Republicans led by Rep. Roy stated that these Republican rules "were adopted in recognition of the corrupting influence of earmarks which the American people rightfully associate with the swamp should be maintained." Then, he pledged not to request earmarks.

This is what leadership looks like. The goal is that all Republicans join these brave congressmen and swear off earmarks. Republicans must stand firm or Democrats will bring back earmarks permanently.

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